Ghosts of Bliss Bayou

Magic is not what you think


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For sixteen-year old Abigail Renshaw, the terrifying nightmares are not the worst part. When apparitions start leaking out of the nightmares into her waking life—Well, that’s a problem.

But Abby’s dealt with hallucinations before, and she’s nothing if not resilient. Following clues from the nightmares, she convinces her mother to let her visit Harmony Springs, the small  town in Florida where Abby was born, and where her grandmother still lives.

There, Abby finds unexpected help from new friends: a compulsive teenage blogger named Molly Quick, and Molly’s older brother Ray-Ray (a guy Abby really starts to like). The not-so-good news? Abby’s apparitions might be real after all. And one of them wants to kill her.

Blurbs and Reviews

“When Abby ventures down to her grandmother’s crumbling estate on Bliss Bayou to try and get answers to her terrifying hallucinatory dreams and visions, she gets more than she ever bargained for. Dark witchery delivered by a vintage cult, a shadowy specter who stalks her, and, ironically, a growing confidence in her own being. Recommended for teens who like the paranormal.”
– Catherine Stine, USA Today bestselling author of Witch of the Cards.

“Abby’s a strange girl.  But not as strange as Harmony Springs, a bayou town with a Shadow Man, mysterious ghosts, and a cryptic curse in this heartwarming story of faith, friendship, and discovering where you belong. I loved this story.” – Amalie Jahn, author of The Clay Lion Series