Ghosts of
Tamgrove Hall

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Just a night in the life of a true magician

Raising a pair of 500-year-old-ghosts and binding them to my will: Really not sure I’m up to this.

Winter break in England is not turning out as relaxing as I’d hoped.

I’m a seventeen-year-old kid walking down a deserted road in the middle of the night in a foreign country. All alone—except for a friend who is haunted, possessed, and prone to panic attacks.

I really ought to have kept up better with my magical training.

“You’ve already offered to help the ghost pass on, dear. You can’t force them. I mean, there are formulations you can use to compel a spirit to do your bidding. But that gets difficult and dangerous—not to mention ethically dodgy. I would not advise you to go there…Unless you had a really good reason.”

This novella is the sequel to Abby Renshaw’s first adventure, Ghosts of Bliss Bayou.

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