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The Abby Renshaw Supernatural Mysteries audio editions are available exclusively on Audible.  You can get them free with a 30-day free Audible trial.

Newest Release

Ghosts of Lock Tower Audiobook cover

Ghosts of Lock Tower,  the third of the series, is available now. Here is a sample from the opening chapter.

Earlier Titles
Ghosts of Bliss Bayou –  Get it on Audible
Ghosts of Tamgrove Hall – Get it on Audible
The Voice Artist

We are fortunate indeed to have the very talented Alicia Foreman as reader and producer.

Alicia Foreman
Photo courtesy of Alicia Foreman

Listen to samples

Ghosts of Bliss Bayou

This is the opening scene of the novel. Abby wakes up to find a nightmare with her in the room.

In this scene from Chapter 3, Abby and Molly discuss the occult history of Harmony Springs.

To hear more, click the link to get the book on Audible. If you are not already an Audible member, they offer a 30-day Free Trial.

Get Ghosts of Bliss Bayou on Audible

Ghosts of Tamgrove Hall

This sample is the opening of the novella. On holiday in England, Abby and her friend Franklin confront a ghost in their quaint British hotel.

Get Ghosts of Tamgrove Hall on Audible