A Mirror
Against All Mishap

The Mirror casts back all harm 
— But only so long as it lasts

A Mirror Against All Mishap Cover

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Amlina the witch and her Iruk warriors have found refuge in the north. But with winter’s end, Amlina must choose: retreat to her homeland, or arm herself with forbidden sorcery and face her great enemy Beryl one last time.

The Iruk Glyssa also must decide. Will she risk the dangers of magical initiation for a chance to heal her wounded soul?

On the far side of the world, Beryl is recovering from wounds of her own—by consuming more and more human blood. Once healed, she plans a grisly revenge on Amlina and the Iruks.

“The tyrant’s witchcraft is mighty. She will rule for a thousand years, unless…”